Monday, May 26, 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 release party in Tehran, Iran

Ubuntu 14.04 Release Party
There was a release party of the Ubuntu 14.04 in Tehran. It was a great opportunity to see those young geeks there all together. Workshops, presentations and open ideas were the three sections of the festival.
The workshops were about introducing Ubuntu 14.04 features, FOSS business models, programming (Python, Ruby) and embedded Linux. Unlike the previous festivals, many people take part in workshops. The FOSS business models workshop was the most interesting one. Seems people are very curious to learn how to make money in the FOSS territory.
Presenting the new features in Ubuntu 14.04 was the next part of the festival. Danial Behzadi made a perfect presentation. The other presentations were about GNU/Linux news, OpenStack, Using Linux Everywhere and Salam-Donya magazine.
The open idea was the last part of the festival. Five ideas were presented and the participants voted them. The winner got 5,000,000 rial. It was about a network grid computing solution.
Photos by Negar Najimi: