Monday, February 16, 2009

How to posting to from the CLI

terminal - cli
Hi :) is an open source social networking and micro-blogging service.
I like It's good service.

I use CLI (command line) everyday. I like to dented from it. It's simple.
Just install cURL:
$ sudo apt-get install curl

And type:
$ curl -u username:password -d status="message"

You will receive a response containing the XML coding for your post which acts as a confirmation that your post was submitted.

Also you can create a shell file for this
Open a new text document and add the following, save it as (or anything ending in sh):
curl -u username:password -d status=″$1"

Make sure you change the chmod to 777 using the following command.
$ chmod 777 /path/to/file/

When you located the file (or add a bash prompt) it makes it simplier to the rules. For example you can type the following to command to link to the file.
$ ./path/to/ "Message"