Monday, April 7, 2008

Nested X11 environment session

Hi :)

Instead of using a full-blown new virtual X for developing software you can use Xephyr to embed your KDE 4 session into your working KDE 3 or other X11 environment.

If you want to get a minimal KDE session up and running, just launch Xephyr (available in Kubuntu as xserver-xephyr; Gentoo users compile x11-base/xorg-server with USE="kdrive"):
Xephyr :1 -extension GLX &

You can now launch KDE:
export DISPLAY=:1
/path/to/kde4/bin/startkde &

For other X11 environment just change /path/to/kde4 like:
/usr/bin/startx &

/usr/bin/startkde &


You can use "locate" command to find paths like:
locate startkde

Happy Nowruz 1387 (Iranian new year holiday)

Good Luck